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With over 100 legal claims funded and thousands of investors, LexShares is an unparalleled litigation finance investment platform.


Resolved investment median net IRR


Legal claim investments to date


Sought by LexShares case funding prospects


Accrued value of all current investments*


Fully resolved investments
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
Returns are based on principal's internal reporting for offerings through the LexShares platform since inception reaching resolution as of 4/30/20. Results reported reflect the simple median annualized rate of return per the xirr function, net of fees and expenses. Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.

A high-performing investment portfolio

Our technology-optimized approach to deal origination, and experienced in-house legal underwriting team has helped drive strong investment performance since 2014.
Median return on invested capital for resolved investments
15 months
Median duration of resolved investments since inception

One of the most active funders in the industry

LexShares’ Diamond Mine technology has sourced more than one million case investment prospects--representing over $2.62 billion in funding opportunities.
*Accrued value of outstanding investments is derived from the Purchase and Sale Agreements (aka Claim Investment Agreements) for 60 investments currently in progress as of April 30, 2020. This represents the value of LexShares' investments should they all resolve positively. Due to various risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to lack of control over the prosecution of underlying claims, and claimant’s inability to assert and collect on their claims, actual results may differ materially.

Over 100 case investments and counting.

We evaluate thousands of legal claims each year in an effort to offer the best possible investment opportunities.
Breach of contract
Confidential Plaintiff vs.
Confidential Defendant

This is a breach of contract case regarding division of property and valuation of stock options.

Breach of fiduciary duty
Confidential Plaintiff vs.
Government Entity

Plaintiff alleges that Government Entity, in its capacity as trustee, breached duties to plaintiff by mismanaging plaintiff's assets.

Breach of contract
Engineering Firm vs.

Defendant allegedly breached agreements with plaintiffs by failing to pay contractual royalties due and misappropriating plaintiffs' trade secrets.

Breach Of Contract, Fraud
Investor vs.
Finance Company

Defendants allegedly failed to repay certain proceeds owed to Plaintiff relating to investments in Defendants’ business.

Real Estate Developer vs.
Business Partner

This is a settlement acceleration related to a number of real estate disputes with a negotiated and executed settlement.

Breach Of Contract, Fraud
Acquiror vs.

In a claim related to a business acquisition, defendants allegedly fraudulently induced plaintiffs to purchase their company.

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Breach of contract
Confidential Plaintiff vs.
Confidential Defendant
This is a breach of contract case regarding division of property and valuation of stock options.