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How do plaintiffs benefit from litigation funding?

Improve Outcomes
Achieve recoveries that are more fairly aligned with the case merits.
Unlock Liquidity
Monetize your claim to finance legal fees, working capital for your business, or even a cushion for personal expenses.
Reduce Risk
Mitigate out of pocket hourly fees and litigation expenses, shifting the risk of an adverse outcome.
Access Top Resources
Leverage greater financial flexibility to engage with the best legal resources available, including attorneys, experts and litigation support services.
Litigation finance helps equalize access to justice. LexShares’ capital can help improve litigation outcomes for clients by leveling the playing field against economically advantaged defendants.
It can be challenging to effectively operate a business during protracted litigation without the support of additional capital. LexShares enables corporate plaintiffs to monetize otherwise illiquid assets and generate working capital.
LexShares capital offers a more efficient and equitable means of redistributing risk and equalizing the bargaining power of litigants by providing capital for multiple uses through the use of novel financial products.
Litigation finance is intended to improve litigation outcomes, one critical way this is possible is by leveraging an improved financial position to engage with the best, most competitive legal talent and partners.

The LexShares process

Plaintiffs are eligible to submit claims directly for review.


Submit your application for funding and execute NDA.


LexShares' team reviews your case.


LexShares sends a contract detailing terms of funding.


Funds are disbursed quickly and securely.

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Litigation finance enables in-house legal departments to secure capital, reduce risk and improve litigation outcomes. In this guide, you will:

Gain an in-depth understanding of litigation finance

Understand how experts select cases

Review industry growth and regulations

Look into the future of litigation finance

How we invest.

LexShares uses a multi-channel investment approach to ensure speed and certainty of funds.

LexShares Marketplace Fund

In January 2018, LexShares closed its first privately managed fund, a dedicated fully discretionary litigation finance capital vehicle that gets deployed into each legal investment made by LexShares.

LexShares Funding Platform

LexShares operates an online platform that enables institutional and individual accredited investors to participate in certain funding opportunities. Offerings are typically fully funded by LexShares prior to being made available to investors.

Learn about litigation finance.

LexShares' comprehensive guide provides in-depth coverage of what plaintiffs need to know about litigation finance.