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Why invest in legal claims?

New asset class

LexShares enables access to the $200 billion per year* greenfield litigation market.

Moderate lifecycle

Lawsuit investments typically reach finality within 2-4 years, shorter than other alternative asset classes.

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Increase diversification

Legal claims are uncorrelated to broader capital markets and macroeconomic factors.

Business strategy
Expertly curated cases

Cases posted to LexShares undergo a rigorous vetting process by our expert case selection team.

*Sources: Wall Street Journal, Press releases, Public filings, LexShares estimates.

The LexShares process

Accredited investors are eligible to invest on the LexShares platform.

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Register online and get verified by LexShares
Get notified when a new case is posted, and invest directly online
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Use your LexShares' investor dashboard to track case progress
Web banking
Earn Returns
If the plaintiff prevails, you receive a portion of the recovery
Register to invest

Investing, simplified

Your LexShares dashboard provides streamlined access to your investments.

Easy registration

Opening an account with LexShares is as simple as submitting a registration form and speaking with a team member.

Invest easily online

Review case details, sign your investment documents electronically, and fund online via wire or ACH.

Follow the case

View details about parties involved in the claim, legal team, cash flow model, and critical case updates along the way.

Recent investment offerings

LexShares has funded a wide variety of commercial cases.

Patent infringement
Technology Company vs.
Government Entity
Purple diamond

Plaintiffs assert that Defendants' installation and use of various related technologies allegedly infringe on multiple patents held by Plaintiff.

Breach of fiduciary duty
Confidential Plaintiff vs.
Government Entity
Purple diamond

Plaintiff alleges that Government Entity, in its capacity as trustee, breached duties to plaintiff by mismanaging plaintiff's assets resulting in...

Theft of trade secrets, breach of contract
Technology Company vs.
Fortune 500 Company
Purple diamond

Defendant allegedly misappropriated plaintiff's trade secrets, infringing on plaintiff’s intellectual property and breaching multiple contractual...


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