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How do in-house legal departments benefit from litigation finance?

Control Costs
Pursue claims without negatively impacting your P&L and taking balance sheet risk, by shifting legal expenses to an outside funder.
Optimize Outcomes
Funding mitigates the financial burden of litigation, so you do not have to compromise on quality of counsel.
Offset Risk
Limit the likelihood you run out of capital resources for a particular matter, forcing premature, inadequate settlements.
When the economic risk of litigation shifts to a litigation finance partner, the increased potential to convert a company’s legal department from a cost center to a profit generator makes obtaining c-suite approval for proactive litigation easier.

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Litigation finance can help enable attorneys and plaintiffs to secure capital, reduce risk and improve litigation outcomes. In this guide, you will:
Gain an in-depth understanding of litigation finance
Understand how experts select cases
Review industry growth and regulations
Look into the future of litigation finance

Some of our recent investments

LexShares invests in a wide range of case types - from single commercial matters, to portfolios, to direct law firm fundings. Below is a look at some recently funded claims or you can view all of our case studies here.
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The LexShares process

Plaintiffs are eligible to submit claims directly for review.
Submit your application for funding and execute NDA.
LexShares' team reviews your case.
LexShares sends a contract detailing terms of funding.
Contract executed and funding deployed.

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