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Trademark Infringement

Trademark Owner


Multiple Entities

LexShares Investment


Case Type

Trademark Infringement



Case Details

The plaintiff, an owner of USPTO registered trademarks for word marks in the entertainment services industry, identified multiple infringers that they alleged were using the word marks—thereby creating confusion and deception in the eyes of the public. As a result, the defendants have allegedly profited substantially by the wrongful, unauthorized use of the trademarks, causing significant damages to the plaintiff.

Funding Impact

The plaintiff, while well-capitalized, wanted to use litigation funding to lever his own capital resources in order to bolster a larger trademark enforcement campaign. By investing side-by-side with the plaintiff through an initial capital investment, along with a follow-on investment several months later, LexShares’ $1,445,000 financing provided the flexibility the plaintiff needed to expand the enforcement campaign.
Case at a glance
Law Firm
Business litigation boutique
Engagement Structure
Capped hourly fees
Individual who owns trademarks related to educational and entertainment services, financial planning and advisory services
Individuals and companies in the financial services, accounting and media industries
Case Stage at Investment Date

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