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We offer attorneys and plaintiffs flexible, non-recourse funding for their commercial cases, highlighted by our unique ability to diversify risk across a broad investor base.

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Patent Infringement
Technology Companies vs.
Government Entity
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Plaintiffs assert that Defendant’s installation and use of various related technologies allegedly infringe on multiple patents held by Plaintiff.

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LexShares invests in a wide range of commercial case types. Here is a look at some of our recently funded claims:

Breach of fiduciary duty
Confidential Plaintiff vs.
Government Entity
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Plaintiff alleges that Government Entity, in its capacity as trustee, breached duties to plaintiff by mismanaging plaintiff's assets resulting in...

Theft of trade secrets, breach of contract
Technology Company vs.
Fortune 500 Company
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Defendant allegedly misappropriated plaintiff's trade secrets, infringing on plaintiff’s intellectual property and breaching multiple contractual...

Breach of contract
Real Estate Developer vs.
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Defendant allegedly breached a lease agreement, failing to comply with its joint venture obligations for commercialization of certain municipal...


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