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We offer attorneys and plaintiffs flexible, non-recourse funding for their commercial cases, highlighted by our unique ability to diversify risk across a broad investor base.

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If the plaintiff prevails, you receive a portion of the recovery

“LexShares is disrupting the litigation finance market.”

Some of our recent investments

LexShares invests in a wide range of commercial case types. Here is a look at some of our recently funded claims:

Theft of trade secrets
Financial Boutique vs.
Fortune 500 Company

Defendants allegedly misappropriated Plaintiff's trade secrets after executives breached non-disclosure agreements.

Trust dispute, Fraud
Trustee vs.
Trust Beneficiaries

The settlor of a number of revocable trusts was allegedly defrauded and deceived into giving control of his trusts' assets to its beneficiaries,...

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty
Developer vs.
Real Estate Investor

Plaintiff, the minority owner in a two-member LLC, brings an arbitration demand against its business partner and its financing affiliate for...


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How we evaluate cases


Plaintiffs or attorneys submit an application for funding


Preliminary review of legal merits and parties


Detailed case selection includes review of legal merits, interviews with counsel, analysis of litigation budget and defendant's creditworthiness


Approved cases are funded via the LexShares platform

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