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Download the Litigation Funding Barometer intelligence report for a data-driven analysis of which cases appeal to litigation funders →

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LexShares offers law firm financing

LexShares provides non-recourse litigation funding designed specifically for attorneys and law firms.

What is law firm funding?

Law firm financing, also known as law firm funding, is an innovative way for attorneys and law firms to cover litigation expenses, expand services to clients, and maximize cash flow by using non-recourse capital from a third-party in exchange for a portion of the financial recovery from a portfolio of lawsuits.
Litigation funding levels the playing field for litigation participants, by enabling parties with meritorious claims who might otherwise be unable to effectively bring a lawsuit to have the requisite funding for their litigation needs and expenses.

How can law firm financing be used?

Litigation Expenses
Funding can cover your hourly fees, expert witnesses, trial exhibits, and court fees.
Working Capital
Use funding to cover firm expenses, from salaries to overhead and operations.
Marketing Programs
Litigation finance can help amplify marketing program development.

Why use it?

Lawsuits can be exceedingly expensive and progress slowly. Utilizing external law firm funding provides significant growth opportunities for attorneys, law firms and their clients. Not only does it help reduce cash flow volatility, but it offers the flexibility to acquire new clients, retain current clients and pursue new business opportunities.

How is law firm financing different than traditional bank loans?

Law firm financing provides a practical and accessible alternative means of financing to bank loans or lines of credit. Traditional banks not only require mainstream collateral in exchange for credit, but also typically require a personal guarantee from the partners of the law firm. Banks will not accept unearned contingency fees from cases as collateral.
Specifically, law firm funding differs from traditional bank loans and lines of credit in two distinct ways:
No Fixed Payments
Law firm funding is specifically designed for attorneys and law firms, and does not require fixed payments.
Non-Recourse Capital
Law firm financing is not a loan--rather a non-recourse advancement of capital, collateralized by future contingent fees.
The availability of bank loans and lines of credit to law firms can be an uncertain and lengthy process, leaving attorneys and law firms without the necessary capital to pursue new business, execute marketing campaigns, and grow their practices.

Accelerate growth with law firm funding

Law firm financing is an effective mechanism for attorneys and law firms seeking to ease the lumpy cash flow cycle associated with contingency fee and commercial legal practices.
Law firm funding provides liquidity for attorneys and law firms engaged in a diversified practice, allowing them to focus on litigating cases, and improving litigation outcomes against well-capitalized defendants.
Improved Cash Flow & Operating Capital
Attorneys and law firms require a steady flow of working capital to effectively run their practice. It can be difficult to succeed in a competitive market if faced with delayed payments, out of pocket litigation costs, and protracted cases. LexShares enables attorneys and law firms to monetize illiquid assets, generate working capital, and build a cushion for personal expenses, when necessary.
Growth of Your Law Firm & Legal Practice
Without adequate funding, attorneys and law firms might otherwise be unable to execute marketing campaigns to acquire new clients. LexShares’ law firm funding enables attorneys and law firms to expand their reach.
Acquisition of Top Legal Talent & Expert Witnesses
The outcome of a case and size of the recovery often depends on the testimony of an expert witness. However, expert witnesses can be expensive, with rates that can exceed $1,000 per hour and engagements sometimes lasting weeks or months.
To ease the costly and time-consuming process of identifying, vetting, engaging with, and paying trusted litigation support, LexShares partnered with GLG Law, one of the leading expert witness services in the legal industry. LexShares’ partnership with GLG creates a more unified, efficient experience for law firms and clients striving to improve litigation outcomes by securing highly regarded expert witnesses.

Law firm funding offers a number of benefits

Capital for Litigation Expenses
Law firm funding is an essential method for paying expert witness fees, court expenses, and numerous other litigation costs, all while diversifying risk. Law firm financing also helps offset and reduce the volatile and potentially negative accounting impacts associated with contingency work.
Reduced Risk For Law Firms
Our law firm funding is non-recourse, which means that if you are unsuccessful in your settlement, judgment, or growth venture, you do not have to repay the lawsuit financing. Our capital is solely collateralized by your firm’s fees and we only collect a return in the event of a positive settlement or recovery from a judgment.
Flexible Payment Arrangements
Advanced overhead and working capital enables law firms to provide prospective clients with flexible and alternative fee arrangements, and ensures highly trained associates and appropriate resources are used for the case at hand.
Fee Acceleration
After a settlement, receiving payment can take longer than anticipated. Litigation funding helps avoid cash flow delays by injecting capital upfront after the case has been settled while the process of receiving the settlement is ongoing.

Types of law firm funding available

LexShares offers two core funding products for attorneys, all designed to help share risk and avoid downside exposure.
Portfolio Funding
We provide funding collateralized by multiple contingency fee matters which may or may not be related. Examples includes but are not limited to class actions and toxic and mass torts. Funding can be used for marketing programs, firm, or litigation related expenses.
Firm Funding
We provide funding to cover capital for law firms collateralized against their entire case portfolio. Funding does not exclusively need to cover case costs but can be used to finance payroll and other firm expenses.

The LexShares law firm funding process

Attorneys and law firms are eligible to submit claims for review.
Submit your application for funding and execute NDA.
LexShares' team reviews your case.
LexShares sends a contract detailing terms of funding.
Contract executed and funding deployed.

Criteria for funding

At LexShares, we welcome clients from most U.S. jurisdictions. Funding must exceed USD $200,000, with overall collateral valued at $2 million or greater. The maximum funding amount is uncapped.
LexShares funds all types of commercial claims, including whistleblower cases, breach of contract, intellectual property, fraud, judgments, professional negligence, MDL, business torts, arbitration, and insolvency and bankruptcy.
LexShares’ funding and underwriting process is highly transparent and straightforward, so funding recipients will always have a clear understanding of where they stand during the process.

Get funding from LexShares

Submit information about your firm to LexShares to discuss financing opportunities.