Why use litigation funding?

Litigation expenses

Includes attorney fees, expert witnesses, trial exhibits, and court fees.

Working capital

Includes salaries, rent, supplies, and other business expenses.

Settlement acceleration

Receive your recovery or fees from settlements up front.

The LexShares process

Plaintiffs and attorneys can submit claims for review.

Submit your application for funding and execute NDA.
LexShares' team reviews your case.
LexShares sends a contract detailing terms of funding.
Funds are disbursed quickly and securely.
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Types of cases we fund

LexShares funds a wide variety of commercial cases.


Lawsuits against defendants that contain whistleblower claims for fraud and other misconduct.


A false representation of fact, by falsifying, misleading, or concealing what should have been disclosed.

Business torts

Wrongful acts committed against businesses, often intentional, but sometimes due to negligence.

Breach of contract

When a binding agreement or bargained for exchange is not honored by one or more parties.


Court decisions regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a lawsuit, whether on appeal or in collection.


The settling of disputes between parties by a private arbitration proceeding, frequently having an international angle.

Intellectual property

Claims that relate to misuse of intellectual property, including patent, copyright, trademark and theft of trade secrets.

Professional negligence

Breach of duty of care between professionals and their clients.

Insolvency & bankruptcy

Legal claims in bankruptcy and liquidation.

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