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Regulations & Trends — Article

Analyzing the Litigation Funding Potential of 30,000+ Cases


Fall has arrived, and with it, an exclusive piece of LexShares content that our team couldn't be more excited to share with you.

Last month, LexShares published The Litigation Funding Barometer, an industry-first intelligence report analyzing the funding potential of more than 30,000 state and federal cases using the firm's proprietary case assessment software, Diamond Mine.

Among the study’s key findings: trade secrets and antitrust disputes filed in federal court represented some of the strongest funding opportunities analyzed by Diamond Mine across dozens of jurisdictions.

For more insights into the types of claims best-suited for funding, download a free copy of the full report here.


Lawsuit Funders Look to Take Advantage of Currency Value Plunge
As the value of the euro and pound sterling decline relative to the U.S. dollar, some funders are seeking to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity by deploying capital into overseas litigation that may take years to resolve.

Litigation Funder Wins $1.2 Million Over Lawyer-Judge Connection
A Texas attorney was ordered to pay a litigation funder $1.2 million after he failed to disclose a business relationship with a judge. A U.S. district court held that the attorney's conflict of interest constituted "a clear and serious breach of duty."

Litigation Funding Regulation Gets EU Parliament Support
The European Parliament voted to introduce a regulatory framework aimed at protecting against perceived abuses related to legal finance — a prerequisite for the draft framework becoming a directive.


Litigation Funding: An Innovative Solution to Costly Construction Disputes
Litigation funders are playing an increasingly prominent role for businesses facing the financially burdensome and risky legal disputes that often dominate the construction sector. DLA Piper examines how these cases are typically assessed by funders.

Litigation Fund Fight Shows Trap Lurking in Win-Win Deals
A dispute before a federal judge in Delaware highlights the importance of litigation funders and their counterparties maintaining strong partnerships throughout complex business litigation.

Litigation Funding Poised to Rise as Economy Slows
The U.S. litigation funding industry grew rapidly following the 2008 financial crisis. With economic uncertainty looming, one industry observer foresees continued steady growth.


Defending Privacy in Crypto
Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is funding a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Treasury Department’s sanctioning of a "virtual currency mixer," a move Coinbase alleges exceeds the Treasury’s authority while also harming crypto users.


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