Over the past year, pandemic safety measures have pushed legal work from law offices into home offices, and from courtrooms into living rooms. For attorneys still adapting to working remotely, trial preparation now involves one more unfamiliar step: conducting depositions without all parties in the same physical location. Addressing the technical details of a remote proceeding takes time that is invariably better spent practicing law.

To help ease these growing challenges, LexShares is excited to announce a unique partnership with Remote Legal, a leader in virtual deposition services. Remote Legal is a technology-driven litigation support company that provides court reporting expertise alongside a videoconferencing platform for depositions, arbitrations, and other critical proceedings.

Unlike most court reporting companies, Remote Legal’s technology-enabled court reporters are experts in operating the platform as well as capturing verbatim records of the proceedings. While general-purpose videoconference tools can constrain the attorney workflow, Remote Legal is a modern platform designed specifically for legal proceedings, built to help attorneys operate effectively in a socially distanced environment.

With Remote Legal, LexShares clients can access a streamlined and secure online deposition platform, allowing attorneys to:

  • Easily upload, organize, annotate, and present exhibits virtually.
  • Utilize dedicated breakout rooms for private client conversations.
  • View a precise, live voice-to-text stream or capture certified videography of the proceeding.
  • Access a technology-enabled court reporter who can remotely manage all of the above, allowing litigators to focus on the substance of the deposition—not the format.

Although remote proceedings are necessary for the time being, we believe virtual depositions have staying power well beyond COVID-19 due to the significant travel time and expense reductions they create. By offering LexShares clients direct access to Remote Legal, we hope to establish a more integrated, cost-effective, and modern litigation experience for high-caliber attorneys.

Achieving positive litigation outcomes in any environment requires first-class resources, and the reality is that first-class resources require capital. Now that LexShares and Remote Legal have partnered to deploy our services to growing client bases, our firms can continue to deliver on our shared mission of easing the procedural and financial burdens of litigation.

You can learn more about Remote Legal here. To make a direct inquiry about using the Remote Legal platform, you can email us here.