Since LexShares’ founding in 2014, improving access to litigation finance assets has been a core part of our mission. However, as our community of investors has grown and evolved, so has our vision for how you engage with the LexShares investment platform.

After sourcing valuable feedback from many of you, we are excited to launch a reimagined dashboard for LexShares investors – one designed to make your experience with us more informative and intuitive. Effective today, logging into your LexShares account will reveal several significant updates to the investment dashboard layout, including:

  • A revamped activity feed that acts as a central source of educational resources and prior investment offerings.
  • Expanded portfolio data to deliver deeper insights into your ongoing investments.
  • Streamlined case updates devised to help you better understand how your legal claim investments are progressing.
  • Additional historical performance metrics for LexShares.

As you familiarize yourself with the new LexShares dashboard, we encourage you to explore the changes detailed below.

The Investment Portfolio

Our redesigned Investment Portfolio page now offers additional data that is personalized to reflect your LexShares investment history.

All investors who visit the Investment Portfolio page will now have the ability to review LexShares’ historical investment data. This includes return metrics, quarterly investment activity, and breakdowns of investments by case type, jurisdiction, and more.

If you have previously participated in a LexShares offering, or you are a LexShares Marketplace Fund investor, you will also be able to access additional tabs on your Investment Portfolio page. These views offer summaries of your personal investment activity, delivering simple, valuable insights into your LexShares investment track record.

LexShares Case Updates

Every LexShares investment will ultimately reach some type of resolution, whether by settlement or adjudication. However, the prosecution of a legal claim can take a multitude of paths through the various stages of litigation. LexShares’ Case Updates page was designed to help you follow the progress of your legal claim investments, which are not always linear.

Cases with the most recent updates will appear at the top of the feed. Key information, including the stage of the litigation, and your personal investment amount, is also included. While Case Updates were previously accessible in our dashboard, this redesigned page better positions us to add tools and features that will make tracking your investments even easier in the future.

Updates are added to provide information on how each case is progressing by actively monitoring the public docket. In addition, we provide a brief sentiment analysis indicating whether an individual case update might be positive (green), negative (gray), or neutral (purple) for investors. If a lawsuit survives the defendant’s motion to dismiss, for example, this could potentially increase the possibility that the case resolves in an investor’s favor, and would therefore result in a positive sentiment icon.

Activity Feed, Tax Center, and Other Features

You can now access the most up-to-date litigation finance investing news, educational content, and a list of our investment offerings via a single stream of updates found in LexShares’ new Activity Feed. The Activity Feed aggregates information about all prior LexShares case investments in an intuitive scrolling list. Interspersed are links to relevant blog posts and investment media resources our team believes will help investors learn more about this unique asset class.

If you have made a prior investment, our new Tax Center is accessible by hovering over your name on the top navigation bar. Tax documents for your investments are now organized in a more accessible, centralized format.

For new investors who wish to become more familiar with litigation finance or the LexShares investment process, you can now find answers to common questions or schedule a call with our Investment Operations lead, Ray Marchand, for a guided introduction to our platform – easily accessible from almost anywhere within the dashboard.

We encourage you to explore the new LexShares dashboard for yourself and share any feedback or questions you have with us by emailing [email protected].

Investing with LexShares in 2021

We are excited to continue enhancing the LexShares investor experience by rolling out additional tools, features, and resources moving forward. Expect to receive more updates from us in the coming months. Whether you are a longtime investor or you are new to our platform, we thank you for your interest in LexShares and look forward to providing you with new investment opportunities in the year ahead.


This web site may contain “forward looking statements” which are not guaranteed. Investment opportunities posted on the LexShares site are offered by WealthForge Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA / SIPC. LexShares and WealthForge are separate entities. Investment opportunities offered by LexShares are “private placements” of securities that are not publicly traded, are not able to be voluntarily redeemed or sold, and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment. Investments in legal claims are speculative, carry a high degree of risk, and may result in loss of entire investment. Screenshots included for illustrative purposes only.