Dear LexShares Platform Investors,

When I first met LexShares co-founder Max Volsky over lunch in 2013, I never could have imagined where our conversation would lead. Litigation finance was still very much a nascent industry at the time, but one that filled a critical need following the 2008 financial crisis.

We saw a tremendous opportunity to provide accredited investors with access to a new asset class that was largely uncorrelated with macroeconomic factors. Shortly thereafter, LexShares was born, and with it the online marketplace that our investors still participate in today.

As of the end of this year, I am stepping away from LexShares after nearly a decade of building our company alongside some exceptionally talented teammates and friends. In that time, we have become one of the most active litigation finance firms in the world, supporting parties we felt had highly meritorious cases but lacked the funding needed to effectively pursue them. We developed our Diamond Mine origination software, which has indexed the investment potential of millions of cases since 2016. We earned national media recognition in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, and many other media outlets. Throughout our journey, thousands of investors — all of you — helped pioneer the growth of litigation finance as an asset class.

I am immeasurably grateful for the confidence and trust you have placed in our team over these years. The continued growth of our industry is impressive. I am excited about LexShares’ trajectory and look forward to watching its success. Upon my departure, I remain LexShares’ largest individual shareholder. Furthermore, I have confidence in our experienced team to continue their strong stewardship of LexShares. Thank you again for your confidence in LexShares and litigation finance.

With gratitude,

Jay Greenberg


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